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Hello, I am Michael Conkey, the owner and main photographer of Nine22 Photography. We are located in the great Northwest capitol city of Salem, Oregon. I specialize in sports, portraits and music photography. My love for sports photography started as a young teenager while looking through my brother’s motocross magazines. One day at Albany Motorsports Park, I picked up my mother’s Canon-A1 camera and started making my own images and haven't stopped since. Over the years I've taking thousands of images and I still get excited every time I get an opportunity to make great photos. My photography has been published in multiple magazines and newspapers.

Quick Facts

- In addition to being a photographer I am also a father of an amazing little girl who was born in early 2013 and has feet like her father- Jumbo size. 

- I have two dogs Lucy, the Sweetheart, a Jack Russell, and Dexter, the Brat, a Boston terrier. Lucy is a fetch-a-holic that never tires and Dexter likes to clear rooms with his farts of doom.

- I am an avid outdoorsman and love being away from the hustle and bustle of urban life whether it be car camping, hiking or backpacking. I have my mid-life crisis plan of thru-hiking the PCT. 

- I enjoy a tasty adult beverage from time to time and Black Butte Porter is a staple in my house. One thing I like about beer is the ability to have the best of both worlds, the hoppy-ness of an IPA and also have a rich chocolate-coffee taste of a porter in my favorite type of beer, a CDA. 

- One cannot be a man who likes beer and the outdoors without an epic beard, so I have one of those as well!

- I enjoy donating my time and talents as a photographer. One of the ways I do this is to be being involved with the annual worldwide event Help Portrait. For more information go to www.help-portrait.com.

If you are interested in having photos taken, enjoying a beer, or talking about star wars(I’m also a geek), contact me.

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